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17-Aug-2018 12:48

In a quality establishment a man aggressively harassing a women will be thrown out.

Don’t be afraid to inform the bartender or bouncers if a man in a bar is seriously pestering you.

It’s no wonder that Buenos Aires vies with Rio de Janiero for the title of ‘Party capital of Latin America.’ In Buenos Aires clubs often don’t open until a.m., don’t fill up until a.m. Travelers from sleepy towns where the pub closes at p.m., or who aren’t even old enough to drink at home (the drinking age is 18 in Argentina, and even that is ignored) can easily get swept up in Buenos Aires-style marathon party nights that end with them headed home blurry-eyed — just as others are going to work.

Amateurs entering into the Buenos Aires party scene are jumping into the deep end first.

Having your date briefly meet a couple of your friends, your housemate, or a family member before going out can do a lot to make sure they will be on their best behavior.

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Being ‘slipped a mickey’ is mostly an old urban legend in Buenos Aires, but in the last few years some area hospitals have reported a few isolated cases of patients who had been intoxicated without their knowledge by the ‘date-rape drug,’ rohypnol and possibly even scopolamine, although usually for the purpose of theft. Most sexual crimes that occur in Argentina among foreign women do involve alcohol.

Although the time when Argentine women sipped one drink all night long seems to be coming to an end, it is rare to see an average middle class single female here more than a little tipsy.

Being intoxicated and unfamiliar with the to get home instead of using public transport.

That’s not to say that he will force himself on you if you resist advances obviously, but keep in mind that cultural misunderstandings can create some awkward situations.

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Prevention is your best defense: clearly state your limits and expectations before your date’s inner vampire arrives on the scene.It should go without saying that it’s a very bad idea to invite a complete stranger to your home or hotel room.

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