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06-Mar-2018 01:51

This is a complex, unsettled area, where prosecutions are often based on the complainant’s word against that of the defendant.There is no time limit on when these offences can be prosecuted in the UK, e.g.We focus upon the complainant’s credibility, as there is rarely any scientific or corroborative evidence, and robustly pursue the disclosure of evidence held by third parties such as social workers that regularly support our clients’ defence.Our thorough approach to sexual offences criminal defence means we regularly excel in defending sexual offences prosecutions, and our experience and expertise has led to a number of acquittals in these cases over the years.

The guidelines on sentencing sexual offences published by the Sentencing Council for England and Wales reflect much of the public concern about child pornography and historic sexual abuse. I got very excited too, for the first two chapters, when Witt seemed to be asking the question no one ever poses: ‘Why, when we enjoy all the freedom women would have killed for throughout three millennia, do we still feel we’ve failed if we’ve not snared a man for better or worse?