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Except for when it came to his image, which was powerful and intimidating—and not at all what he was really like.

Once Sid crossed paths with Nancy Spungen, the two became inseparable shooting heroin and trashing hotel rooms until they were parted by death.

Each word and phrase is carefully crafted and compels the reader forward.


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In the caption below the image of a four-year-old Sid playing with a tire in Ibiza, Spain, Anne muses that all of her friends “predicted” that the toddler would be either “nothing i.e., a total drop-out, or Prime Minister of England.”A sketch done by someone noted as “Charlie” of Sid while he was visiting his mother at her home in Dalston Flat, 1976. The babe got to be careful to attend press-conferences in short dresses when she knows there would be lot of cameras and god knows.which camera would catch her in an embarrassing shot.By the time he was only twenty his odds for survival were insurmountably stacked against him.

After Spungen’s murder Vicious tried unsuccessfully to take his own life. Perhaps I’m getting a little soft, but when I saw these photos I found it very difficult to not feel an overwhelming sense of sadness while looking at them.Then, after a seven-week stint in Rikers Island following a brawl at a club, Sid’s provided her son with the heroin hotshot that killed him. Although it’s pretty far from the truth these pictures seem to suggest that Sid had a pretty nice, seemingly normal upbringing.

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