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Conversely, screenwriter Gore Vidal has, on many occasions, said the titular character and his step-brother, Messala, were written as ex-lovers.

Director William Wyler and Messala actor Stephen Boy were apparently well aware of the subplot, yet Heston was kept in the dark for fear he may leave the project if he knew. Will it follow in the footsteps of Wyler’s classic and feature a homosexual relationship, or will it stay in line with the 1925 version, subtitled , Toby Kebbell - who plays Messala in the 2016 adaptation - said the film will not feature an overtly homosexual relation, but if people want to interpret it as that they are welcome to.

Cummings wisely dispenses with the particulars of the study, simply jumping between scenes of each couple coming to terms with what their relationships have become and their differing perspectives on it, as Steven and Lisa both consider divorce but worry about bringing it up to one another, Adam suffers destabilizing insecurity about Lexi’s desire to groom him more, and Greg, an NBA star sidelined with knee injury, struggles to find purpose as his wife leaves for her marketing job each day, unaware of how much she hates it. Brizendine becomes intrigued in a new enrollee in the study named Bobby (Toby Kebbell), where her interest evolves into something more than scientific.

Like most ensemble comedies that juggle multiple storylines, some threads are more satisfying than others, but beyond Cummings’ strength for observational humor, what stands out about “The Female Brain” is her gift as a filmmaker for staging physical gags.

I got to play innkeeper number one, the one who just says no. Even at a young age I had the urge to be the centre of attention, that's what it is.

And I'm good at lying." Even during our short time together, this seems a typical Kebbell story -- wry, amused, expletive-laden.

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Saying before the film’s premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival that her goal was to make a “Modern-day [version of] ‘The Magic School Bus,’” she’s succeeded in creating quite the fun, thoughtful ride.He first came to prominence in Shane Meadows's English revenge movie Dead Man's Shoes, as the aforementioned Paddy Considine's mentally challenged brother.Since then he's been seen in Oliver Stone's Alexander and -- way down the cast -- in Woody Allen's Match Point.There have also been appearances on TV (Peak Practice, of all things), but Control should mark a step-change in public awareness. I wasn't aware of how fantastic it was, but as soon as you read about it you can understand it perfectly.

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Kebbell hadn't even been born when Ian Curtis killed himself in 1980, and wasn't aware of the place Joy Division's record label, Factory, played in British pop-culture history before filming started. These guys knew they had talent and they did fantastically well, and it's a tragic, tragic story." He's thrilled that the surviving members of Joy Division, who went on to become New Order, have expressed their approval of the movie. I think it tells the right story." The next story Kebbell is telling is that of a crackhead, in Guy Richie's new movie Rockn Rolla.There are so many pleasures to be had in Control, the new film about the life and death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis.

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